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We are pleased to design solutions and applications which concentrate on transportation mobility, safety and enforcement for Federal, State and local subdivisions.  Vehicle data is disseminated to via wireless and secure V2V & V2I (vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure) technologies.

Vehicle infractions, when in progress, are detected with privacy protection procedures to real-time mapping solutions.  We work with your preferred vendors through licensing agreements that conform to procurement requirements.

Mailing tickets and suspensions work on honest motorists.  Bad vehicles are taken off the road when officers do it.  VHP gets an officer or enforcement agent behind the right vehicle for the right reason.

  ·        Detecting Road User Fee Evasion & Enforcement

  ·        Detecting Toll Way Fee Evasion & Enforcement

  ·        Detecting H.O.T. Lane User Fee Evasion & Enforcement

  ·        Detecting Congestion Zone Fee Evasion & Enforcement

  ·        Public Parking and Enforcement

  ·        Amber Alert Vehicle Location

  ·        Detecting and Mapping Unregistered and Uninsured Vehicles

  ·        Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Mapping

  ·        Inter and Intra Departmental Strategic Ops Data Sharing

  ·        Identification and Location of Vehicles Registered to Fugitives

  ·        Advanced Scofflaw Vehicle Detection and Location Solutions

  ·        Homeland Security Applications

   §  Emergency Response

   §  Emergency Management

   §  PSE – Planned Special Events

   §  NSSE – National Security Special Events

  ·        Enhanced Customs Enforcement

  ·        Enhanced Border Enforcement

  ·        Commercial Vehicle Inspection (WRIS)

Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a confidential presentation of our patented technology.  Tell us the best way to contact you for discussion.