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Virtual Hot Pursuit applies real-time vehicle identification technology for fast and tactical apprehension.  Ubiquitous V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication), ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) identifies and observes un-authorized vehicles until officers are able to arrive.    Amber Alert, stolen vehicles, suspended registration, revoked registration, restricted registration and BOLO (Be on the Look Out) vehicles are found by sharing location data (typically GPS data) obtained from various vehicle identification solutions.  The data is digitally mapped to show officers which vehicles should be intercepted, where the observation occurred and, when possible based on available resources, where the apprehension should occur.

The value proposition is that technology enhances the officer’s ability to patrol his responsibility area.  He can now see what if a crime is in process one street over or if a colleague requires assistance on the other side of town.  Unlike automated enforcement Virtual Hot Pursuit assists in getting officers behind the right vehicles.  No longer can a criminal vehicle go undetected if it passes an intersection seconds before a patrol vehicle does.

Combining transportation management technology with public safety technology, where mutual safety objectives apply, facilitates efficiencies in the following areas:

·         Public Safety

·         Transportation Planning

·         Traffic Management

·         Commercial Vehicle Inspections

·         Toll Evasion Enforcement

·         Expired/Suspended Registration Enforcement

·         Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement

ORT (Open Road Tolling), ALPR, The USDOT Intellidrive Initiative, ITS, OEM & aftermarket telematics, GPS over GSM or CDMA, 3G, 4G, WiFi, WiMax, LTE, 5.9 GHz, DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) and other platforms are compatible.

Contact us today to learn how your Federal, State, municipal agency or eligible P3 (Public Private Partnership) can prevent potential terrorist attacks, drug trafficking, human smuggling, illegal arms trafficking, recover stolen vehicles, reduce toll evasion even crack down on unpaid parking tickets at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .